Puma punku

This site in Bolivia just defies all the laws we know about engineering in those times. The structures and ruins at Puma Punku are unlike any other on the planet. We have seen precision cutting of stones and engineering with the pryramids and other structures. But nothing like this because the stones at Puma Punku are made of granite. Geologists and engineers know that you could not have cut granite with anything but diamonds in that time period. The problem is there are no diamonds in that region of the world or anywhere near it for that matter. And even so, they would still have needed the use of some machinery to have achieved that level of fine cutting. So how were these stones cut without the use of modern technolgogy? The answer is we have no idea!

Some of the stones weigh up to 100 tons and had to be dragged from the quarry which is 10 miles away. The stones even once interlocked and fit into place. That’s how perfect these stones were cut. Todays top engineers say they cannot imagine how ancient people could have made the cuts necessary to create these structures and furthermore they say that they would have an extremely difficult time doing it today. Something like this takes planning by top line engineers. We don’t know of any engineers that could have conceived of building this structure so long ago.

If engineers can’t figure it out than the common folk is left to speculate. And specualtion has led to the probable fact that the people at Puma Punku must have had some help by extraterrestials or the use of some form of technology. Because again it was not possible for the construction of Puma Punku without the use of some sort of advanced tools. And in those times humans simply did not have the means necessary to create something like this. So we now ask, where did they get these tools and how did they build it? And why build it in such a remote area? Maybe we should ask the aliens.


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  2. Very informative. I just made a small donation to your site. It’s not much but all I can afford. Keep posting!!


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      Thank you so much, I appreciate it. Every donation goes in to development for the site. We plan on expanding with podcasts, video, and also an online store. Thanx again.


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