The Nazca Lines in Peru

The Nazca Lines date back as far as approximately 400 BC. The picture that you see to the left is a huge geoglyph on a mountain in Peru. There are many others like this made up of other earthly creatures such as birds, monkeys and spiders. These lines that make up the landscape are huge and can only be appreciated if you are viewing it from up in the air as shown to the left. Some of the mountain tops look as if they were completely cut off as if someone sliced off the top of the mountain with a near perfect cut. The surrounding mountains have their peak as any normal hilltop or mountain would. But the ones that have been seemingly cut off have what appear to be landing strips on top of the mountain. They look like runways were paved for some aircraft to land there. Please search Nazca Lines images on some search engine to view what I am talking about. It is amazing. There is no way that the Nasca Lines are simply nature taking its course.

So now you have to ask yourself why did they create the Nazca Lines? The reality is you can’t even make out these drawings unless you are looking down on it from above. Not to mention how difficult it must have been to actually create these images without advanced mathematics. In the picture you see what appears to be a man waving his hand up to the sky. Why make this? Did the people of Nazca create these images for religious purposes or maybe as a sign to the heavens? Or maybe extraterrestrials helped to create this as some sort of landmark when they came to Earth. That would explain the so-called runways atop the mountains. There is some evidence that advanced technology may have been used to create these geoglyphs. Many believe that Nasca is a place that extraterrestrials have been to and helped create the Nazca Lines as signs or landing strips when they arrive on Earth. Whatever it is, it is yet another one of the worlds many mysteries.


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