Bermuda Triangle

For years we have heard about myths and legends of the Bermuda Triangle. There are stories of missing ships and planes that are never heard from again. Even ghost ships have been seen in the area without any crew and it is as if the ship had been suddenly abandoned. People have even claimed to see mysterious lights in the Bermuda Triangle and UFO sightings have been recorded there as well. Some have speculated that perhaps a UFO base is under the waters. Theories such as The Lost City of Atlantis is located under the waters of the Bermuda Triangle as suggested by the famous psychic Edgar Cayce. Edgar Cayce predicted that Atlantis would rise from the Atlantic Ocean in the Bermuda Triangle in 1968. That year scuba divers found Bimini Road which is seemingly a man made structure in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida. People that have sailed and flown over this area have experienced trouble with their radar and compass. Some say there are certain magnetic forces in the Bermuda Triangle which would explain the technical problems experienced by seasoned navigators.

The triangle is best known for its missing planes and boats that literally get lost without a trace. The most famous account of this was Flight 19 in 1945. This was a routine mission flight in which the 5 navy pilots were instructed to fly to an island just 60 miles east off the coast of Florida to drop practice bombs in a secured area. The flight commander Charles Taylor began experiencing problems with his navigation equipment and the 5 planes eventually flew so far off course that they ran out of fuel and apparently crashed into the ocean. After Flight 19 lost contact with homebase they were never heard from or seen again. Rescue missions were sent out immediately but they never found even a trace or clue as to where they could be. This story remains a mystery still today. People have speculated as to what caused this event and others like it. There is no doubt that the Bermuda Triangle has some unique qualities.

There seems to be very violent weather in that area as well as mysterious lights coming from the ocean. Also the evidence that navigational equipment fails on routine missions tells us that there is some sort of strange magnetic force in that area. Something strange may be going on deep within the oceans of this planet. Scientists have even said that they know more about certain parts of our universe than they do about our oceans. There is still much to be explored and discovered. The facts are still unclear about the legends of the Bermuda Triangle but the myth lives on with every new incident every year.


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