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Archaeologists believe that Stonehenge was constructed around 3000 BC. The builders of Stonehenge apparently did this without the use of the wheel and without any help. Supposedly they were able to carry stones that weighed up to 50 tons that were miles away from the building site. That’s nuts! Forget standing the rocks upright, but how did they put the rocks on top of one another? And for what purpose?

Some say it is an ancient burial ground and used for even religious purposes. Some say it’s a solar calendar (which apparently it is). But why build it there and why make it so difficult?
Some say it wasn’t so diffiicult and it was infact easy due to the use of some sort of technology. There are theories that the famous wizard Merlin pointed his magic wand at the stones and was able to put them into place. Some say they used acoustic levitation to actually lift the stones by use of sound waves. So who taught them these methods on how to build such an incredible structure? Was it aliens, or God or did they have the knowledge themselves so long ago to create this site with such incredible mathematical precision? It is still a mystery to this day and all we can do is speculate


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