DNA and Abductions

The real meat and potatoes of this entire quest for knowledge of who we are is in the information encoded in our DNA. Much of what we consider past or parallel lives are genetic memories within our bloodline. Our DNA is so important to Aliens. Extraterrestrial abductions are often reported in the same family, or bloodline, generation after generation as if part of a biogenetic experiment where human DNA is being altered from an end result, perhaps a more evolved human. In some families alien abductions are part of what they are here in physical bodies to experience. It is programmed into their experience.There are often DNA genetic markers for these members within the soul group. These are referred to as biogenetic implants, in some cases looking like the fibonacci spiral. One may view this as being bio-genetically created, tagged and watched. No’one knows how far alien abductions and experiments go in the history of humanity, but it would seem that these events have occurred since the beginning of time, as if human DNA is part of an ‘alien experiment’. Some people trace alien abduction accounts to the 1930s if not earlier. Many people they go back to the time of pre WW II and Hitler’s underground projects – though no tangible proof has been given.


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