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Mayan god – Kukulcan

The most famous Mayan god perhaps is Kukulcan. Kukulcan was known as “The Feathered Serpent” and an actual physical presense among the Mayan people. The legend says that Kukulcan came from the sea to be the leader of his people and teach them in various subjects such as agriculture, healing and law codes. Maybe the most important of Kukulcans teachings were that of astronomy which is how the Mayans developed their famous calendar. Their calendar is actually more accurate than the one that we use today. The Mayan calendar is the root of the 2012 end of days theory.

The Mayan calendar was able to predict certain weather patterns and the best times to harvest. They were aware of the cycles of the moon and Venus and were able to predict eclipses. The Mayans saw the world as cyclical as in what happened before will surely happen again. The Mayans knowledge of astronomy far surpassed any other known culture at the time. But how did they know all these things without the use of modern technology? Therefore, many people believe that the Mayans received their knowledge from Kukulcan and other dieties (gods). This website will also show some of their ancient structures that line up astronomically with other cosmic objects and how their cities resemble our own solar system. Again it is amazing how much knowledge these people had without the use of any technology at all.

Maybe the most interesting Mayan God or leader was Lord Pakal seen in the picture above. Lord Pakal was said to be a giant that may have come from another planet. The picture above shows what some theorists believe is Pakal sitting at the controls of a spacecraft. And when you look closely it really does look like a modern day rocket with all the equipment including pedals and a breathing aparatus. It is also known that most of the Mayan just mysteriously dissapeared around 1100 AD. Is it possible that Lord Pakal took his people back to their home planet? Whatever it may be, the Maya are an interesting culture full of mystery and knowledge.


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