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Rain of dead birds in Arkansas

A new year, a new set of dead birds and dead fish. Beebe, Arkansas rang in the new year with about 100 dead blackbirds falling from the sky. According to the Associated Press, blackbirds began “flying into objects and each other,” reminiscent of the year before, where thousands of birds died after crashing into objects. Over in Europe, another dead animal mystery unfolded. AP reported that on Kvaenes beach in Norway, an estimated 20 tons of dead herring washed ashore on New Year’s Eve. And then, the tens of thousands of dead fish vanished.

Remember the stories from January 2011? Almost a year ago to the day, we reported several strange incidents in the United States of America – 5,000 red-winged blackbirds plummeting to the ground in Beebe, Arkansas, 100,000 drum fish 160 km. away also in Arkansas and a further group of 500 birds just south of Arkansas.

Then there were other incidents in Chesapeake Bay, between Virginia and Maryland (a mass of two million fish floating belly up), Volusia County, Florida (thousands of fish) and a further mass kill of thousands of fish in Lake Azuei, Haiti. Then there was a reported incident in Canada, in which the authorities tried to cover up a bird incident and others in Brazil, the UK, Japan, Sweden and Thailand.

This year, back to Arkansas again and another mass bird kill incident and again, precisely in Beebe, and yet another rain of dead birds falling indiscriminately over the city. The first rain of dead birds occurred at around 19.00 on December 31, according to the local authorities.


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