Kenneth Cohen – Seven keys to Health & Happiness

What if you could distill the great teachings of the Native American, African, Siberian, Aboriginal, and Chinese elders into seven principles that would bring inner peace and fulfillment to your life? Traditional healer Ken Cohen spent 35 years studying, practicing, and training with elder healers from these traditions, and now he shares their teachings on Native Wisdom: 7 Keys to Health and Happiness. Complete with prayers, meditations, and practical ideas to bring ancient, life-long practices for well-being to contemporary listeners.

Combining guided practices learned directly from the wisdom holders of many traditions, classic teaching stories, and first-person accounts, this 80-minute guided session includes: a Native American guided meditation to discover your personal gifts and strengths, an African meditation to reconnect with your family lineage, teachings on the importance of silence and listening, and instructions on how to stand, move, and breathe.


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