Vishudha Chakra

General idea of Vishuddha Chakra
Yogis and the maestros of spiritual realm proclaim that neck, near the spine region, is the exact location of this Vishudha Chakra. White color is the symbol of purity and this chakra is also illustrated as white in color. So, purity is the main merit of this chakra. This chakra contain the word ‘Ham’ in the centre while sixteen other petal have covers this chakra. Modern word knows this chakra as “Carotid plexus”.

What does this chakra represent to?

This chakra is situated in a place where the source of voice is available. Therefore, this chakra represents the love, the unity and the harmony through the means of generous voice. The Vishudha chakra is mean to collaboration with entire world.
Vishudha means purity, a man becomes pure when he comes close to this plexus by right meditation. Some of the letters on the petals manifest sorcery hymns and rests of petals suggest musical tones.The manifestation of this chakra is to carry a man towards the glory of Godlike by purity, humanity and unified thoughts.


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