Hopi prophecy 2012 Rare video parts 1 – 5



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  1. burrodriver says:

    The Egypt’s Flood Dragon Prophecy, is a warning that everyone on earth should be aware of. The prediction of the destruction of the Aswan dam, and the events that will happen just before its breaching. Twenty five hundred years before the construction of the Aswan dam: that structure was predicted to be destroyed. When will that disaster happen you ask? Isaiah, says after the Jew are brought back to Israel the second time, which has been happening 1948, the book of Amos, dates the breaching near the time of a solar ecliptic, Daniel, says before the Mahdi begins his rule. I am giving you a heads, up before events that will change your world before they happen. Events that will happening between now and late November, 2012.


  2. Alpha says:

    thank you for this information, any more events coming for us? if so, please feel free to post it. We appreciate all information on this site.


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