Kelli in the raw: nutrition and psychic abilities


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  1. Chandler says:

    I am just learning about this stuff and it is amazng! But i need to know if you hve to meditate before seeing auras/entities and all that kind of stuff. Please answer, thx


    1. Alpha says:

      Some people see them naturally without doing anything, but i will say that eating healthy helps way more than anything else. meditation and healthy living will open you to more spiritual experiences. Also Check out my other posts about the Pineal Gland and the Chakras. All these things work together.


  2. cliff says:

    hi kelli

    I am Cliff author of the book “Just To Be” – we must work together etc.
    your so right ….I was researching all this in the 80’s and found all this out.i have written much about this and taught this whilst i taught yoga too.

    love to talk to you and speak in private …my web site is and also writing a book on sleep and doing work on sound healing and gem therapy. Watched your videos and they are inspirational.
    Am based in the mountains of Wales….please contact me as soon as you get this. There is some infomation you need to know and fast.

    take care namaste cliff


  3. karl says:

    Hi Kelly i am glad i found you your right first we need to talk to someone if we feel suicidal which sadly to say i do in fact i have felt suicidal sadly since i was 18 years old( wow there was something deeply wrong with me) now i am 30 but for years i never knew why i felt this way until recently i think i found a big piece of the puzzle why it has to do with health reasons mostly can we talk sometime


    1. Alpha says:

      This is not Kelly, I posted a video of hers. You can find her on YouTube. Comment on her video and she may respond back to you. She’s also a psychic.


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