The Nephilim (Giants,Children of angels, the watchers,the fallen)

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The term Nephilim can be translated as those Who Descended or those Who Fell From the Heavens. The American researcher David Sielaff emphasizes that the Nefilim or Nephilim are not the sons of the gods (beni ha-Elohim), but the offspring of the interbreeding between the extraterrestrials the Bible calls the Elohim and the daughters of men. The Illuminati bloodlines that rule the world today, therefore, are the Nefilim, the extraterrestrial-human hybrids. They were also known in ancient times as the Rephaim, Emim, Zazummim, and Anakim, all very tall or “giant” people in those days.

The biblical Goliath was a Rephaim, and giant in Hebrew isΒ repha. This theme of giants is a constant one. Cave paintings found in places like Japan, South America, and the Sahara Desert, depict giant people with round heads towering over human hunters. Bones of giant people between 8 and 12 feet tall have been found in mounds in Minnesota and other locations. The Delaware Indians speak of a race of giants who once lived east of the Mississippi in enormous cities and the same descriptions of giants in ancient legends and lore can be found everywhere. Scores of giant red-haired mummies were discovered in a cave near Lovelock in Nevaa and some were seven feet tall.

The Piute Indian include tales of red-haired giants who acted like vampires, and the giant Nefilim were associated with cannibalism and blood drinking – just like the Illuminati bloodlines are today. Most accounts say that these giants were unfriendly, even hostile, to the rest of the population. Often associated with these giants were unfriendly, even craft that sound very much like the ‘flying saucers’ of modern UFO accounts. Genesis tells us that the sons of the gods married the daughters of men before the flood, as well as afterwards and Numbers calls the Nehilim, the sons of Anak, or descendants of the Anakim (Annunnaki)

(Verses in the bible where the Nephilim are mentioned)


The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came into the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. these were the mighty men that were of old, the men of renown.

Num 13:33

And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak,Β which comeΒ of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.


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      1. Hey, are the skeltons real? I mean, if they are, why there are no other informations about it? I haven’t heard about it till now…


        1. This has been known for millions of years, it’s also written about in the bible. I have more information on this topic. Go to the search bar at the top left of the site and type in ” Nephilim”. It will list other links you might enjoy reading.


            1. Oh ok, sorry for misunderstanding. I will find some info for you regarding the skeletons. Give me a few days, I’ll be away from the office until Monday.


  1. lol these photos are so badly photoshopped. Big skeletons were found, but none bigger than 7ft. Some people are so gullable


    1. I am not here to debate whether or not these photos are authentic or not. I am telling the story about these forgotten giants. There is historical proof that they existed. these pictures are just extra. I only use video and photos, because most people don’t want to read.


  2. Looking at the photos, the shadows of the people versus the skeletons are not right–someone has been doing some Photoshoping. Why are the archeologists never shown holding these bones? Simply making an animal larger all around will not support the added weight–the skeletal structure of people over about 10 feet tall would result in bones breaking in an attempt to hold up the additional weight.


    1. The photos are not important, it’s the information and history about the nephilim that people want to know. If I didn’t use pictures ppl wouldn’t read it. At the end of the day there are so many fake photos but the real question is…”Did the nephilim really exist?”. That is a question that may never be answered. only time will tell.


    1. I’m not sure. We have strange forces around us that don’t want this known. Only time will tell how long this can remain a secret. More and more skeletons will appear in the years to come, this will be a problem for the conspiracy police.


  3. The photos are fake, some have been around for years. Serious people who are interested in this subject matter don’t want to see such photos because it belittles our interest, makes us look foolish. Why would you want people to view your site who are not serious? If they want pictures there’s plenty on the web. Other than that, your site is great.


    1. I understand your point, but the photos help the post in my opinion. It doesn’t take away from the historical evidence. Look at it this way, the photos grab your attention and it has people reading about it. I can’t say the photos are fake, who knows. Either way, I’m giving the viewers a small dose of info, sort of like an intro for those who have never heard of all these strange things before.


  4. This is very, very interesting, it would be neat to find more info on those pictures. I myself totally believe that giants did walk on the earth. Life expectancy used to be much, much longer back when the world was young. (And the world is still young, not millions of years old, as most scientists claim. The world is probably around 6,000 thousand years, based off the the genealogical records in the Bible..) But with time, and after the Fall, sin has corrupted all things and decay is inevitable – the further we get from the Fall, the more fallen we become, not just humans, but all things – sin corrupted the world and all it’s inhabits. But looking through history, there are many, many people who have historical legends, and accounts of giants – Just as the Ancient Chines, Mayans, Choctaw tribes, Aboriginal tribes (to name a couple), all share the legend of the great Flood.
    If you get in wikipedia there is some really interesting info there. I’m always fascinated by anything remotely related to Cryptozoology. I read a book called “Buried Alive” by Jack Cuozzo, that tells the untold story of the Neanderthal man – You might find it worth your while to read. πŸ™‚

    Anyways – this post just caught my eye and I had to at least say something. πŸ˜€


  5. Actually the photos grabbed my attention n I read the article! Who cares if its photoshopped! He introduce a piece of historical info n I am more interested in the findings then if the damn picture is real! Get a grip!
    Thank you for the info n great pictures
    Me n my children are going to research it further πŸ™‚


  6. Of course the photos are real. I like how just the one word Photoshop is now used to disprove everything. There are many, many photos of these giants, so I’m just guessing here but, all are Photoshop? Of course not. There are plenty of photographs depicting these giants, or most of them over 7 feet tall. My personal opinion is that some of the pictures you see could be fallen angels from the beginning of time in their physical bodies, those of which would obviously die and leave behind these remains. And yet, some of what you see could be the result of fallen angels breeding with humans; Hence, Goliath and the race of giants. Those of which being 7-12&13 feet tall, and the fallen angels much taller. This is just evidence of creation, the reality of God himself and his son Jesus Christ. What the Bible says is true, it all lines up and even more so than other false religions, and the false prophets who back those religions. Even the Muslims recognise the existence of Jesus himself, refers to him as a prophet, though not the true saviour. Use your brain and form your own opinions, follow your own ways but there is only one way to enter into the kingdom of heaven and that is through Jesus Christ.


    1. I Agee. People only believe in what they can see and what they believe is normal but yet they believe in god and angels. There are many things we can’t see, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. We have to be more open to these possibilities.


  7. Hi there very interesting site personally this subject interests me since I myself am 6’7″ my grandfather was 7’4″ and his father taller than him if this pattern screams true then its entirely possible giant humanoids were present, one of the pics is photoshopped but I’m not so sure about the first one being ‘shopped even so I think when the giants bred with humans there were inconsistencies in DNA matching hence diseases like giantism and so forth and not only that the closest planet we found that’s so similar to earth its like a giant version of this planet with an older sun than ours it would be stupid to think god only created one planet look at the assortment on this planet alone. Better yet this planet they found is mass wise bigger there for the gravity would be denser the humanoids would be faster stronger and who knows godlike on this planet ancient times was spooked easy a cattleprod brought back to that time would seem like magic. Thank you for your work I to this you did a fantastic job. Anyone that doesn’t agree with my similar findings can look online and in books yourself. -B.


    1. Thank u so much, these photos are just for the story. People need a visual to go along with the tale. Either way, I made them learn something new.


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