sudd2cIn an experiment done on water exposed to different kinds of music shows vastly different results. Classical, soothing, uplifting, and joyful music produced beautiful crystals, while water exposed to heavy metal, aggressive, and sad music was deformed. Similar responses to music have been found in many experiments done with growing plants, by different researchers. They often found that plants grew towards the speakers when played pleasant music and grew away from the speakers when played aggressive heavy metal music.

sudd2dThe same results were found with words. Sometimes, specific words were spoken regularly to the water and, at other times, they were written down on a label and taped to the bottle of water, with the words facing inwards to the water. Can water read? Apparently so!
Again, the beautiful, encouraging and uplifting words created the most complete, symmetrical crystals, while aggressive, disrespectful and derogatory words failed to form crystals, or created deformed crystals. The examples show that the vibration of good words has positive effect while the vibration of negative words has the power to destroy. Below are 3 video documentaries on the affects of how vibration, words, music and chemicals change the structure of Water.



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