Live longer, start eating alkaline foods.

imageFoods are either alkaline or acidic. The body operates best at a pH of 7.0 to 7.5; anything below is acidic and above is alkaline. Acidity makes people more prone to diseases, rashes, lethargy, dehydration and an inability to absorb minerals, vitamins and nutrients. Alkaline foods to reduce body acidity include green leafy vegetables, most fruits, almonds and alkalizing water. Acidic foods include coffee, alcohol, soft drinks, and sugar-based or processed foods.

One of the best ways to start your day on a highly alkalizing diet is to drink water with fresh lemon, either hot like a tea, or cold. Squeeze the fresh lemon into the glass before adding water to assure you get the lemon’s juice. By using pH 9.5 alkaline water, found at most health food stores, you will compound the positive effects and get your body toward an alkaline balance before any other foods are eaten. The lemon water should be consumed before every meal as well as in-between meals.

Coffee, black tea and fruit juices are highly acidic and should be avoided at all times, but especially first thing in the morning. Syrups, jellies and honey are highly acidic, so it is best to break the white flour habit by avoiding pancakes, waffles or French toast and these toppings.

Ideally, half or a full grapefruit is a good choice for breakfast, as well as whole grain cereals with soy or goat milk. Watermelon is an excellent alkaline source first thing in the morning, and can be substituted if you cannot tolerate grapefruit. A viable breakfast alternative every few days of the week are eggs scrambled with spinach, parsley, broccoli or asparagus.

For lunch, try a salad filled with dark leafy greens, celery, radishes, beans, tomatoes, onions, peppers of various colors and olive, avocado or grape seed oil-based dressings, or simply fresh-squeezed lemon. Salmon is a better choice than chicken as a meat, but skip the croûtons, bacon bits and anything else that isn’t fresh, crisp and natural.

Dinner would be the time to add a meat to your daily diet. Salmon, mackerel, fresh-water wild fish and ocean fish are good choices. Beef every two weeks is permissible, as are chicken, turkey and pork; but if you truly seek a highly alkalized diet, your choices of typical meats should be few and far between.

Throughout the day, snack on almonds, celery sticks, carrots, green apple slices, watermelon chunks, cantaloupe and a steady glass of lemon water or the occasional treat of coconut milk. You will notice a great improvement in all aspects of your health, from your skin to your energy, and even weight loss.


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