Amalgam Digital CEO turn rapper Anyextee unveils cover art for debut album “Executive Decisions”

20131210-185240.jpgUpon returning from Island Sound Studios (recording home to Kanye West) in Oahu, Hawaii, Amalgam Digital CEO turn rapper Anyextee announces his debut album “Executive Decisions” unveiling his cover art design and track list. To bring his vision alive, Anyextee enlists UK artist Neil Hague (illustrator for David Icke’s books) who is widely known for his unique style of art and creativity that has been described as both spiritual and ‘neo-shamanic’. The concept fuses sacred geometry to illustrate both the transformation from CEO to Artist as well as man’s journey into higher consciousness. Anyextee was recently featured on the Wednesday Night Mixtape show in Newark, NJ where he also announced his use of Cymatics in the music by implementing healing frequencies and tones to the overall mix creating a truly unique album. We often get to hear the rappers side, but its not everyday we hear from the label executive. Straight from the CEO’s perspective, “Executive Decisions” will be available via Amalgam Digital

Anyextee – Executive Decisions

01. The Purpose & Power of This Poems Patterns
02. Power Point Presentation
03. Lord Is My Shepard
04. Cease & Desist
05. Living The Transfiguration
06. Get Higher
07. Annunaki
08. Illumi-Not-Eye
09. SpinCycle
10. Anthems For The Proletariat
11. Woke Up In Vegas
12. Misfits
13. Mid Life Crisis
14. Details
15. Kymatica & Kava
16. The Light

Also check out the movie trailers for Anyextee’s forthcoming full length films
“Egypt Through The Glass Shop”
Harvest Season: The Higher Consciousness

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