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How to Pray

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This article continues from my previous one, “Prayer Works!”

The way that many have been taught with how to pray is to make petitions to God in the form of “Dear God: Please make Jane better,” as an intercession when Jane is sick. That method is sub-optimal. If God is omniscient, as we are often taught, then surely it already knows that Jane is sick. Why does God need reminding from us, doing nothing until we remind it and beg it to correct the situation? And how do we explain the case when Jane does not recover, but gets sicker, or even dies?

Do we carry on, praying in the same ineffective way as before, gambling on the outcome? Or do we do the intelligent thing and observe the failed experiment, examine the premises of our prayer model, develop a new model, test it, and eventually find a model that works better? Discover how to Pray effectively.

A much more effective method of how to pray involves recognizing that it is a mystical process, meaning that it involves direct union between yourself and God.

First, be aware that the only person whom you can really change is yourself. Therefore, your prayer should be that God guides you to be your very best in helping to make Jane better.

Don’t expect a miracle. Don’t expect God to do the work. Expect yourself to do the work.

Second, how can you do effective healing if Jane is a long distance away from you? This step involves realizing that she is not far away. She is connected to you. We are all One. There is only one soul in the universe, the Soul of God. We are all part of that Soul. So Jane and you are the same. You have different soul personalities, incarnated into different physical bodies. But the essence of you and the essence of Jane are the same. People are always in contact at the fundamental level of the soul. Thus, being your very best for someone can be done at the soul level.



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