Anyextee, CEO turn Rapper reveals the trailer for his album “Executive Decisions”


Anyextee – Executive Decisions

01. The Purpose & Power of This Poems Patterns
02. Power Point Presentation
03. Lord Is My Shepard
04. Cease & Desist
05. Living The Transfiguration
06. Get Higher
07. Annunaki
08. Illumi-Not-Eye
09. SpinCycle
10. Anthems For The Proletariat
11. Woke Up In Vegas
12. Misfits
13. Mid Life Crisis
14. Details
15. Kymatica & Kava
16. The Light

Production credits include !llmind, MoSS, Lak Davinci, Premise, D1, Ron Alpha, RT Beats, Good Will, TGP Productions, and VividEnd. Joe “The Frequency Monster” Warlick engineered the project using a technique known as Cymatics that is said to incorporate specific sound frequencies and tones to heal the body of illness and stimulate spiritual awareness.


Also check out the movie trailers for Anyextee’s forthcoming full length films
“Egypt Through The Glass Shop”
“Harvest Season: The Higher Consciousness”


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