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WE ARE IN THE MATRIX, WE ARE THE FALLEN. Trapped in this world until we spiritually evolve. (4 videos)


morpheus_finalI Know that it may seem crazy, but just think about it. All these evil and crazy events happen on earth, do you think God would want those kind of people in heaven? We have to learn from our mistakes and we can not move on until we do. So many religions talk about “HELL”. Hell is here, now!!! We have been put here for a reason, no one man is perfect. We all have work to do. In society the goal in life is to get a job, a wife, a house, some kids and a dog….but what else is there? We never mention spirituality. This is the blind fold that is put over our eyes to keep us from evolving. We are stuck in this false reality. We buy so many self help books, and run to church every sunday, but what are we learning? If there was no job or house to purchase….what would be your purpose and goal in life? Nothing is more important than your soul’s progression. Above all things, your experience and the choices you make are everything. Today, sit down and think….What is my purpose? What if I lost everything, would I fall apart? How have I become a better person?


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