India: A place, a sensation (3 videos)

Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 6.36.16 PMIn this 3 part documentary we take a long stimulating journey in which a lot of things happen. The experiences of a curious and intrepid traveler who travels Australia, Japan, India, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam showing your own feelings through this long journey inspired by classic travel literature. In this case, the destination is India. Follow our host into this exciting, deep and magic land. Religion, exotism, extravagancy, elegancy, eclecticism…everything you wanna know about India. Living India like indian people, walking by Bombay streets or having a bath in Central India.

India Hindu festivalEver since the Suez Canal opened in 1869, the principal gateway to the Indian Subcontinent has been MUMBAI(Bombay). Many travellers regard time spent here as a rite of passage to be survived rather than savoured. But as the powerhouse of Indian business, industry and trade, and the source of its most seductive media images, the Maharashtrian capital can be a compelling place to kill time. Whether or not you find the experience enjoyable, however, will depend largely on how well you handle the heat, humidity, hassle, traffic fumes, relentless crowds and appalling poverty of India’s most dynamic, Westernized city.


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