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Energy Vampires – What are they? Anyone can steal your energy. They may not even know it.

Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 2.51.30 PMEnergy Vampires – What are they? Anyone can steal your energy. They may not even know it. Sometimes we get caught up in the drama of life and we forget what and who we are. We are beings of love. Energy vampires are people who have lost their connection with God, but it’s not gone forever. They have lost hope of the future spiritually. They suck you dry of your emotions and at any time they can make you sad or depressed. The way to avoid being a victim is to stop reacting and paying attention to them. I am not perfect, I have been a victim many times. They are not bad people, they just need to find their way again. God’s love is for all of us. Energy vampires are victims, bullies, complainers, angry people, always sad people, dependent people and most of all trouble makers. Sometimes they cause problems to pull attention away from themselves and some people use it as a way to gain attention. God’s love isn’t given to those people because they aren’t accessing God’s love the right way. You can’t pray all day and then go home and fight your husband. I wish love and peace for those people, many of them are relatives or girlfriend/boyfriends….they force you to side with them in arguments and create conflict in the home. Sometimes they don’t want help, they feed off of this drama. We can’t get caught in the trap of trying to save them, save yourself.

I posted 3 videos to go along with this topic just to give you more insight as to what this is


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