Podcast Ep.2 – Alex Teplish – “In The Beginning…the epic of the Anunnaki”

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 7.33.36 PM radio podcast Ep.2 – Alex Teplish.
In this episode we talk to Alex teplish about his book, “In The Beginning…the epic of the Anunnaki”. Also at the end of interview we added a new section for alien & ghost stories from fans of the show. for more info on his book go to the links below.




1504115_10152539722284762_1015966314_nAncient legends, myths, and religions from around the world have spoken of gods and angels, not always in the spiritual sense, but actual flesh and blood beings interacting with mankind. Many of these ancient cultures had vast knowledge of mathematics and astronomy, attributing their knowledge as being handed down from the gods. Who were these god-like beings, known to one of the oldest civilizations, the Sumerians, as the Anunnaki? This two-part story starts with an amazing discovery in the present day that takes us back hundreds of thousands of years. Follow the Anunnaki on their ancient astronaut journey from Nibiru to Earth and their interactions with humanity’s genesis.



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