Maharishi on History Channel, thank you Lawson English for the video!!!

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  1. saijanai says:

    Here’s a video done by TM researcher Alaric Arenander. He’s going to conduct a course on EEG and TM soon, so that TM teachers can learn how to set up a live demo of EEG of TM during their own introductory TM lectures:

    Alaric, of course, says that the ultra-high alpha EEG coherence seen during TM is unique.

    Concentrative techniques, by their nature, should show LESS Alpha EEG during the meditation practice, and more gamma.

    It’s interesting that at the end of the movie, he shows that an experienced TMer with several years on the IAC (Invincible America Course where people meditate in groups 7 hours a day, 7 days a week, for world peace), not only does the Alpha EEG coherence go up, but also beta EEG coherence, and gamma EEG coherence. I assume that is because they are doing other mental practices besides TM, part of that time, such as “Yogic Flying” for up to 90 minutes a day (30 minutes, 3x a day).

    If you are really dedicated, you can get paid $700/month to participate, but you have to be living in Fairfield, Iowa, already trained in TM (though I’ve heard that they will pay for your Yogic Flying instruction if you agree to spend the next year in the meditation group) and have to show signs of stabilized pure consciousness (basically lots of hopping during Yogic Flying practice).


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