Podcast Ep.11 – Twee-ze – The Metaphysical Rapper

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 7.33.36 PM Podcast Ep.11 – Twee-ze – The Metaphysical Rapper

In the episode I interviewed Twee-ze. He is a rapper from North Carolina who promotes spiritual growth and healing. I asked him to come on the show, because he has a unique story about how meditation helped him in his life and how it changed his music. His lyrics carry messages about astral travel, meditation, God, ghosts and metaphysics. Look out for him and his crew EOG(Evidence of Genuis). For more information you can contact him and his group at the links below


Twee-ze Facebook:

EOG Facebook:…/217636341639104

soundcloud: @tweeze-aka-twee-ze

Dat Piff:…xtape.524507.html





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