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FoolThe cards never lie, and the truth will come out. So many people hide who they are, how can you live your life hidden? Out of the thousands of readings I’ve done in my life, the biggest problem people face is self denial. We are so afraid of accepting ourselves. Love who you are, and enjoy this life. We hurt ourselves by pretending. The root of the issue is FEAR. Fear of criticism, fear of betrayal, fear of truth. Without knowing it, We are trapping our souls here on this planet. You are all light beings, this body we live in does not make you who you are. In every reading there are doorways. Nothing is set in stone. We all have goals we set for ourselves, but unless you possess that inner acceptance you will never reach them. In this life, God gives us gifts…We already have what it takes to reach any goal. The mind stops us from achieving, over thinking stops us from growth. The more you love yourself the higher your vibration will be, and your reading will display what you feel inside. Don’t be do hard on yourself. “The Fool” is a card of freedom….get rid of fear and live.


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