Meditate with me!

Let’s access our third eye together….

  • Take a deep breathe and let the air go all the way down to your abdomen.
  • Hold it for 5 seconds, and exhale, imagine how it carries all your worries and tension.
  • Wait 5 seconds before inhaling again. Just feel your body becoming more and more relaxed.
  • Take another deep breathe all the way down to your stomach, where the air captures all negative energies from your body,
  • And remove them as you inhale.
  • Then direct your focus back to your breathing.
  • When you are totally relaxed, you can proceed.
  • Do the “shambhavi mudra” where you turn your eyes upward, so that they are looking in the direction of your third eye/pineal gland,

(which is on your forehead just above the eyebrows)

  • Do this without straining your eyes. You still have to be comfortable without getting a headache.
  • Focus on opening your third eye.
  • Take a long deep breathe through your nose, gold it for a second while you purse your lips
  • and place the top of your tongue between your teeth, and gently press your teeth against your tongue.
  • When you exhale through your mouth, you have to chant.
  • It has to be a sound that will give a good vibration to your third eye. The “th” sound is effective for that.
  • Chant the word “thoh” while you focus on opening the third eye.
  • Your third eye/pineal gland (like all muscles) needs to be exercised regularly to function properly.
  • In third eye meditation the sound had to be chanted in a b or c tone. It may take some experimenting a little before you begin.
  • When you hit the tone where you feel the vibration on your third eye, you should stick to that.
  • When changing “thoh”, it should be long and slow as you exhale.
  • Feel the vibration on your third eye/pineal gland on your forehead and be willing to enter into another reality full of bliss and love.
  • Your focus should be on the strong loving feelings. You’ll feel this. I promise.
  • Exhale, pause a few seconds and take a deep breathe. Chant the word for about 5 times, pausing between every exhalation.
  • You have to repeat this third eye exercise for 4 more days in a row with 24 hours between every exercise.
  • After you have completed the Opening the Third Eye Exercise you may feel a slight pressure on your forehead when you meditate or a tingling sense nation on your third eye or the Crown Chakra.

Some people have used this to access the Akashic records, a compendium of mystical knowledge encoded in a non-physical plane of existence.

It has been written that man has the potential capacity to access these records. Think Buddha. Think Jesus Christ.

Some people have brought back information about The cosmos, Atlantis, Lemuria and the evolution of man, secrets about universe, and accessed Love, God and the infinite. If you took the time to read this… It’s obviously calling you. Your a truth seeker. Let us find truth together and be free.
— with Anyextee.


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