GrandMaster Vic Moore: Defeated Bruce lee(speed test), Chuck Norris, Jim Kelly and all of the national champions.





  1. simple said he beat bruce lee in a speed competition….even jackie chan was faster than bruce lee….it was the power that bruce lee with that speed that made him a beast.

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      • “I hear ya, I just want his story to be heard wrong or right. This guy is important to American history”

        No one is doubting that he has skills. However, overstating or lying to gain recognition will only diminish whatever good reputation he has. Now, I can’t tell about the other fights, but I know that he never fought Bruce and therefore never “defeated” him.

        As for the speed demo. Anyone doing any form of martial arts knows that you do not actually strike your demo partner (which is NOW an opponent). The purpose of the speed test was about “speed” and not about “hits”… They would’ve used padding if hitting was a part of the demo as real damage could’ve occurred with a simple mistake.

        Better to boost him on his real achievements and not fake ones.


    • Static shock I agree with you totally there’s no footage verifying his statements it’s just his word and in the video footage at the tournament it looks to me like Bruce Lee did exactly what he said he would do


  2. No. Just no. Bruce had already made him MISS and then was in close as if to say “Sorry. TOO SLOW.” HE wasn’t even able to touch Bruce’s attacks. That’s what I saw in this vid. He bent over laughing because he knew he was so drastically out-classed. That’s why he comes back from that moment and bows in respect to Bruce. We can celebrate black-achievement without making things up or exaggerating stories.


  3. well he always making up BS…. 30 years ago he was showing great respect to Bruce Lee admiring his skill, as soon as he dies it’s “oh I beat Bruce Lee like a rug” then Jim Kelly dies and now it’s “oh I beat Jim Kelly and Bruce at the same time” I mean you have to be a pathetic man to piggyback on someone else’s legacy and accomplishments to me it’s sad and he is on a slow fall to hell….


  4. Bruce never went into Karate Tournaments.He was a street fighter and a student of Ip Man and Wong Sheung Leung.These guys where some of the best street fighters around.Karate has rules,street fighting has no rules.


  5. Grandmaster Vic Moore, I must offer my apology in asking you if you have ever heard of me, I was presented the Platinum Award at Grandmaster Moses Powell, The Masters and the World Martial arts Hall of Fame, Great Grandmaster I Soto, who promoted me to Soke. Grandmaster Robert Trias, Bruce Jutnick and Sedano were all trained personnelly by the original Kempo teacher and that was the only Japanese Martial artist who taught out First Marine Radars, who taught me, how to use Judo and Jujutsu in WW2 and that was James Matose. I personally started teaching Martial arts back in 1947 in the U.S. Navy. Continued in 1976 in Compton, Ca. Officiated seven Ed Parker Tournaments. both open and traditional tournaments all over our country. Inducted in seven hall of fames, master’s light touch kickboxing champion for five years. Officiated some of the top martial artist and their students and I have never seen Bruce Lee except in movies. Soke DR. Prof. Great Grandmaster Frederick D. Peterson “Big Cat” Peace, LOve and Happiness, Respect.

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  6. I must say im a mixed martial artistbknowing boxing karate and wredting i viewd and watched Grand master Vic with a unbelieving eye but had tobsayvafyer veiwing and kistening tovwhat wSbstated that he did exactly what he stated with witnesses so its simply prednudice that keeps anyone else from seeing the truth.


  7. Vic Moore is a sameless self promoter who lied about his speed competition against Bruce Lee, he isn’t some undefeated prodigy either. He did win several competitions, yes, but he is not the man these videos claim.


  8. There have been some that have claimed to have beaten the legendary Bruce Lee but this is not true. A fight and a demonstration are entirely two different things.


  9. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Little known Black History fact ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Sr. GrandMaster Dr. Victor Moore “The man that fought & beat them ALL”
    ~~~~~~~~~~~ 1st Black National Karate Champion (1965) ~~~~~~~~~~~

    ~~~~~ speaks on his career and racism in the Martial Arts industry. ~~~~~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    A few highlights of Vic’s competition record:

    Defeated the all Hawaiian champion in Richmond Virginia.

    Defeated Bruce Lee in speed competition at the Ed Parker Long Beach
    International Tournament.

    Defeated Joe Lewis at the World’s Fair Karate Championships.
    (August 1968 San Antonio Official Karate Mag Feb 1970 Page 24)

    Defeated Mike Stone in Pasadena California for the light heavyweight championship at the world teams championship.
    (Black Belt Magazine Sept 1990 Page 20)

    1970 Defeated the legendary Bill “Superfoot” Wallace in for the USKA first professional world championship.

    Victor Moore defeated every national champion that was competing during the 60’s and the 70’s. Such greats as Mike Foster, Chuck Norris, Ron Van Clief, Fred Wren, Glenn Keeney, James Hawkes, and Jim Kelly just to name a few.

    Black Belt Magazine (1971) declared him the most dangerous man in America. (in a small caption with no picture)

    “Some of the promoters would tell you right up front – ‘I know you’ve been winning a lot of tournaments, but you’re not going to win this one because we’re not going to even let you’ – and they wouldn’t because they would cheat, [they] would not call your points, and therefore they made sure that you didn’t win.”

    “I had this one gentleman tell me I can’t even fight for 1st and 2nd [place] I’ll have to fight for 3rd and 4th [place], telling me that just gone make me fight that much harder, I’m going to really kick some tale now.”
    ~Victor Moore~

    Victor Moore points out that just because he beat a champion or a champion beat him, does not take away the credibility of a champion. We are all still champions he will tell you.

    Moore’s entire career has been eclipsed by footage from the 1967 Ed Parker Long Beach invitational tournament. You should be familiar with the film footage, showing Bruce Lee throwing punches at an opponent who wasn’t able to defend.

    Moore, the man who beat them all, was on the receiving end and according to him, not only had Lee cheated during the exchange, he was able to score against Lee during the second half of the speed drill. The latter half of the video has never been shown.

    Due to their exclusion in the media, African American martial artist would start their own schools, organizations, tournaments and television shows. However, this would often fall on deaf ears or fail to have as much impact as the movies that were ubiquitous during this period of time.

    This resulted in a lack of financial compensation, (for African Americans while creating a financial paradigm for others) but more importantly, their contribution in the development of martial arts in America had been diminished.

    Victor Moore has and is still working with instructors and students all over the county and still teaching in North Carolina. Vic’s daughters Vickie and Vonnie have also won in tournaments and still practice with their dad occasionally thirty-five years off and on. Vic has gotten his youngest one started in the arts. His ten year old son Vanceton in the sixth grade can work five katas, work the bow, the sai and the katana full length Japanese sword.

    sources cited:


    • In the word of the arts I am a nobody, so please take what I am saying with a grain of salt.
      As I watch the video of Bruce Lee striking, the statement that he was going to tap him in the chest, not in the head seems more in the spirit of friendly competition.

      The video clearly shows Bruce striking towards the head from at least 1-2 feet away not close enough to touch, and though Vic missed Bruce still would not have hit him, and if he had hit him in the face I think more of a fight would have broken out than just nervous laughter.

      Just an outside opinion.


  10. Love Vic Moore’s BS story. I’m sorry that you all are believing lies. Vic said Bruce only threw 3 punches. 2 of which he blocked…and the one he missed that surfaces on viral videos, was thrown when he wasn’t ready. The only problem is that there’s video of Bruce throwing 5 punches…ALL clearly different, and Vic Moore didn’t block one. He must not know that video exists, lol. Vic also clearly bowed to Bruce, not the other way around as his ego would like you to believe.


  11. In the words of Eric, and the martial arts, I am a nobody. However, I think everyone is focusing on the “beating Bruce Lee” statement. I remember when I started Shorin-Ryu under the tutelage of “Big” Ed Daniel in 1968 that Vic Moore was constantly popping up as champion of this tournament, and that, etc. There were several times I heard his name mentioned, and wondered who he was. He didn’t get the coverage or the notoriety of a “Superfoot” Wallace, Joe Lewis, Ed Parker, Dai Wa “David” Moon, etc. I think the bigger picture, with my sincere apologies to all the Bruce Lee fans (of which I am), is that Victor Moore did win tournaments, can say he fought the best, and was a remarkable martial artist. Maybe we should focus on his record and accomplishments. The “I beat Bruce Lee” statement should have been expounded upon by saying, “in a contest of speed”.

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  12. it would have been blocked if he was closer,it seems Vic blocking too close to his own field.anyway nice please stick with facts,thank you.


  13. Vic Moore failed to block Lee’s punch during a demonstration. Reportedly he failed to be able to stop Lee from fake punching ( stopping the punch before contact ) 8 TIMES. So I seriously doubt that if he couldn’t do that, he didn’t “beat” Lee. You can clearly see Lee was already pulling his hand back after the strike. Moore even acknowledges this with an “oh wow man” laugh followed by a respectful bow.


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