20140215-001212.jpgOrbs can be found in photos and can’t be seen with the human eye. Some say it’s dust or particles in the air…who knows? This question has been on the minds of many and science can’t explain it either. I have had many questions over the years and I have never found a real answer. I went to the bookstore to find some information and this book caught my eye. It’s called,”The ORB Project”. It’s a very cool book on ORBS, but even in the book the author isn’t sure if it’s Fact or Fiction. We can’t just go on assumptions. We need concrete evidence. If it is an entity maybe we should try asking it questions.

I think our fascination with ORBS, Ghosts and Angels is due to our fear of death. Is this life over when we die? So many people are afraid. We are constantly searching for proof of the afterlife. In my opinion, life never ends. We may never get the answers we want. If an ORB does something that dust can’t do then we can really say we’ve found something. In the video above and below this post, some people have recreated the orbs using dirt, dust and hair. Click on them to play the video.




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