Russell Simmons Interview, he talks about meditation and being still. Meditation can heal you.




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  1. Russell Simmons is not a trained TM teacher. It is very likely that trying to learn meditation from his book means it is not going to be easy, no matter how many times he says “its easy.”

    TM teachers train for 5 months, in-residence, to learn how to teach TM. They learn to present meditation using the same words, same gestures, same body language and same tone-of-voice as Maharishi Mahesh Yogi did when he was teaching.

    See this documentary by The History Channel about Maharishi:

    TM teachers also learn WHEN to present information about meditation. With Maharishi’s teaching methodology, students are first taught a minimal amount, then they go home and meditate. They return and the teacher explains things to them based on their first day’s meditation.

    Then they go home and meditate and return the next night, and the teacher explains things to them based on their first two days of meditation.

    Then they go home and meditate. and return, and the teacher explains things to them based on their first three days of meditation.

    All of the above is based on Maharishi’s experience with teaching TM, and he tweaked his methodology to improve it, based on the experience of the 40,000 TM teachers he trained over his 50 year career and THEIR experience teaching 5 million people to meditate.

    Just because Russell Simmons went through that process as a beginning meditation student, doesn’t means he understands the process as a trained TM teacher and that he is qualified to attempt to teach it, in person OR in a book.


    1. Alpha says:

      it doesn’t matter, the message he gives is still important. He is respected in the hip-hop world where many people never heard of meditating. He is trying to open the doorway for people who would never get a chance to step outside of their neighborhoods and learn this information. I understand what you mean about TM meditation, in the first 3 videos he speaks only about meditation. In the last video he recorded 2 years ago is about the value of Transcendental Meditation. He says how it helped him. He is not teaching it. He wrote a book this year on how to silence the mind, he never said he was a TM teacher. He said he wants kids to enjoy meditation, so that they can change their future. Nothing wrong with that.


      1. The silence of mind obtained by faux TM is probably not very good for you. It is known to disrupt the connectivity of the brain in ways that actually take one away from the physical state we TMers call enlightenment.


        1. Alpha says:

          so we should not meditate unless taught by a TM teacher?


          1. Huge controversy that.

            Consider the comments from

            Acharn Yai, a Buddhist nun who became a TM teacher after watching how the students in her school responded to TM:


            “It was Acharn Yai who made the decision to introduce the TM technique to the school’s staff and students in May 2008, having heard about the educational benefits. Yet she herself preferred to remain a cautious observer and even went into hiding while the TM instruction was taking place so she would not get pulled into learning!”

            “A few months later it became clear to her that the atmosphere of the school had already transformed. “Everyone seemed to be happier and more harmonious, unlike before,” she says. “I heard no complaints about any difficulty or headaches from the TM practice even among the youngest students. This was a surprise to me because I had experienced complaints in the past from teaching Buddhist meditation to the girls.””

            “She became curious about why this simple and easy technique could make such a dramatic change in her school. To find the answer firsthand, she finally decided to learn Transcendental Meditation in December 2008.”


            “Based on her own experience, Acharn Yai became the first Buddhist nun to become a teacher of the Transcendental Meditation technique.”

            There’s nothing special about TM. In fact, that’s that’s the whole point. However, TM teachers are the result of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s attempt to copy himself. They spend 5 months memorizing the entire teaching method for a 4 day seminar: how and when to present information, where the “how” includes using the same hand-gestures, body language, and tone-of-voice that Maharishi did, not just the same words.

            So… should people only learn meditation from TM teachers?

            Shrugs elaborately (Kwai Chang Kane of _Kung Fu_ imitation)

            If you want to learn a practice similar to TM, its probably your best bet.

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            1. Alpha says:

              would you like to come on our radio show and explain this for the viewers?


              1. Wouldn’t it be better to get a real TM teacher to do that?

                Bob Roth, executive director of the David Lynch Foundation, is happy to give radio interviews, time permitting. Bob, by the way, is Russell Simmon’s TM teacher, I believe and is the one who “gets sent” to teach major celebrities in order to make them feel important (since any TM teacher is perfectly fine because they all have the same training). You can find his contact info on the DLF site, I believe:

                Denise Denniston Gerace, author of the NYT bestseller, _The TM Book_, is an old friend (40+ years) and I’ll be seeing her tonight for a pot luck dinner at the local TM center she is co-chair of with her husband. She might be willing to do an interview. I’ll ask tonight, if you want.


                1. Alpha says:

                  thanx, I will try and get him on the show. You helped me a lot today. I appreciate it.


                  1. You are welcome. By the way, I looked up Simmons’ book on…


                    Talk about The Telephone Effect!

                    The whole point of learning from a trained TM teacher is that you don’t have to worry about Russell Simmons deciding that his words are adequate to teach people to meditate. First, you must assume that Russell Simmons understood what he was told in the first place, and I’m pretty sure that he did not. Fortunately, you don’t have to “get” TM to “get” TM, but if you’re going to teach it properly, its probably a good idea to at least say the right things, even if the student doesn’t always remember them.

                    There’s a simple followup process called “TM checking” performed by TM teachers at any TM center world-wide that is meant to help correct misconceptions that have crept in over time. Reading excerpts of Simmons book, I get the impression he needs to get his meditation checked. Fortunately for him, even if he’s got a few wrong intellectual ideas, they might not interfere with HIS practice, but if he then uses that wrong intellectual understanding to try and teach others how to meditate, who can say what the results will be? The people who interviewed him didn’t seem to think that his claim that meditation learned from his book was easy, was a valid claim.


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