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Masaru  Emoto has Passed Away

R.I.P Doctor Emoto

1965071_859112484129681_1121551165059871141_nDr. Masaru  Emoto a renown scientist  that had been visually documenting molecular changes in water by means of his photographic techniques,  and in doing so, had expanded our concept of Consciousness has passed away this morning in Japan. His beloved wife was with him.

Since he became ill in Shanghai, he has received so much love and gratitude from his dear friends of all over the world. He was very encouraged and happy to receive your kind messages with love. His last word was “Arigato”. (“Thank you” in Japanese) We believe his last word was to you, everybody. He was so grateful for you and thanked you all so very much. He used to say, “Life is LOVE which is a gift from God and parents, and DEATH is gratitude for going to a new dimension”. So now he is in another dimension and continues to look over us warmly with love and gratitude. We are going to carry on his mission of spreading the power of “love and gratitude”.

“Water has a memory and carries within it our thoughts and prayers. As you yourself are water, no matter where you are, your prayers will be carried to the rest of the world.” ~ Masaru Emoto

Every Month on the 11th at 12:00pm – Your Local Time Zone Let’s Please continue Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Monthly Water Ceremonies and pay our respects to Dr. Emoto and to Water by sending Love and Gratitude from our sincere hearts. Thank you for your continued participation  ~ Arigato!


“Uchu no Mugen no Chikara  ga Kori kotte, Makoto no Daiwa no Miyo ga Nari natta”

Meaning in English: “The Eternal Power of the Universe has gathered itself to create a world with true and grand harmony”


“I am sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you and I Love You”

The Ho’opono pono Prayer is a powerful hawaiian healing prayer for reconcillation. 

The Water Ceremony prayers are also located in the “Water Ceremony” section of the MY HADO App 


The Emoto Peace Project’s mission the to teach all people especially children the true power of our words, thoughts, emotions and prayer through water, for peace with in and around the world.

The goal is to educate the truth of water to children all around the world by distributing picture book of THE MESSAGE FROM WATER to children for free. We would like to share a clue to realize world peace that we learned through the research on water in an enjoyable way.

The surface of this planet earth is 70% water, and we human beings are also 70% water. We are mostly water. So, it is very essential that all children learn about water. Through THE MESSAGE FROM WATER, Children will learn that we reflect our self in water and in our surroundings. An attitude of Love and Gratitude can change us and so the entire world will be a sustainable and beautiful place for all beings.

Its intended age is from 3 – 12 years old. In another 20 years or so, we hope that they will be leading the earth in a favorable direction. What we adults can do now is to give them a chance to learn about the water and the true nature of us human being. We hope that the book, THE MESSAGE FROM WATER, will be translated into many languages and be of help to realize the goal.

We adults must minimize the damage done to the earth in hopes for the future by educating our children. Why did Dr. Emoto decide to focus on the children? Because children are pure, and ff we give them a chance to learn about water and the true nature of us human beings, they will grow with the right knowledge to be a good person with the attitude of love and gratitude.

We hope that children will lead the earth in a favorable direction in 10 to 20 years from now. We hope that the book, THE MESSAGE FROM WATER, has been translated into many languages and be of help to all children around the world. You can download it for free here or you can also view the children’s book, water crystals and much more on Dr. Emoto’s mobile app, MY HADO. All downloads continue to support the Emoto Peace Project.If YOU would like to Support the Emoto Peace Project and Make a Donation –> please click here. Your donations are received with  Love & Gratitude!


Masaru Emoto’s water crystal photographs have opened the world’s eyes and mind to take a deeper look at our most precious resource and the essence of life…. Water.

A special hand-picked water crystal collection of prints are now available on canvas for donations to support Dr. Emoto’s nonprofit organization, The Emoto Peace Project.

If you are interested in supporting the EPP and having your favorite water crystal hanging in your home or for a gift.    Please email

View the Collection of Prints Available at the Exhibit on


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