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The Phoenix Lights (1997) – Ex Gov. of AZ. admits he saw the UFOs that night (2 videos)

The Phoenix Lights incident in 1997 is just one of thousnads of UFO sightings reported every year. This particular event caught the attention of the entire world because so many people witnessed it and video taped the alledged UFO. Witnesses report seeing both a V shaped flying object and a cluster of lights that appeared to stay still in the night sky. The military claims that this event was nothing more than flares dropped by fighter aircraft. A similar situation took place in the same location in 2008 when many eye witnesses claim to have seen an object in the sky that resembled the UFO seen back in 1997.

The facts are that there are thousands of sightings documented every year and these numbers cannot be ignored. I believe that many of these sightings can be attributed to airplanes, military drills and natural atmosphere and cosmic phenomenon. But all of them? There are certain video and photographic evidence that support the theory that UFO’s do in fact exist. But many need to see it to believe it.


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