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(taken from Wikipedia)

1112_danielle-fong-energy_335x366Danielle A. Fong (born October 30, 1987 in Halifax, Nova Scotia) is a Canadian entrepreneur and the co-founder and Chief Scientist of LightSail Energy, Inc. In 2011, Fong was featured in Forbes’ 30 under 30 in the Energy category.


Born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Fong dropped out of junior high school at the age of 12 to attend Dalhousie University. She graduated from Dalhousie in 2005 at age 17 with first class honors in computer science and physics, after which she entered the Plasma Physics Department at Princeton University as a Ph.D. student, but later dropped out.


After going on leave from the Princeton Plasma Physics program, Fong founded LightSail Energy, a Khosla Ventures backed company, in 2009 with co-founders Stephen Crane and Edwin P. Berlin, Jr. LightSail Energy is developing a form of compressed air energy storage, which they term regenerative air energy storage (RAES). LightSail changed focus from a vehicle based technology to a grid scale energy storage technology in the course of development. In December 2011 Fong was featured in Forbes’ 30 under 30 in the Energy category. and interviewed by Forbes.com in a video titled “Danielle Fong May Save the World”. She was named by the MIT Technology Review as one of the top 35 innovators under 35 in 2012. She is a regular guest contributor to the Women 2.0 blog and was a featured speaker at the Women 2.0 PITCH Conference & Competition 2012. She writes essays on various topics, including entrepreneurship and green technology, on her blogInsights by Danielle Fong“.



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