What are Auras?

What are Auras?

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Auras are typically described as a psychic fluid or essence that is generated by and emanates from all physical forms — whether living or dead.  Others say it is nothing more than the electromagnetic field which surrounds and runs through all things.  And still others consider the auric field to be merely a component of the same vibrations that comprise the entire universe.

Whether you resonate more with the more psychic, physical, or quantum view of auras, one thing is vital — that you choose one as your path, at least initially, and stick to it.  This is because the one that feels right for you is based on intuition, and having a trust in your own intuitive process is paramount.  You can always alter your views down the road when your have more experience; but learn first the importance of going with your gut feelings.


As you become familiar with auras and energy fields, it will become more and more apparent to you that they are actually representations of  information.  However, they are not necessarily mere indicators of emotional states (though that can be a part of them and, in time, your will learn how to differentiate between the various kinds of information being transmitted.)

Being of this universe, auras do actually parallel the laws of physics, and as such it is possible to lean on those laws for help.  Whether electrical, electromagnetic, or vibrational energy, auras generally emit the same colors of the spectrum as energy.  I say generally because physical conditions can vary — and so do people’s sense organs.  For example, a color blind psychic is obviously going to “see” auras differently than a psychic with the full range of color sense. 

(Hint: Things psychics have more to some with those senses that exist above and beyond the five senses upon which we have come to rely.)

Add to this all the fact that a human being may actually be, consciously or unconsciously, changing the “color” or affect of their own aura.  The more you work individually with a person, the more you will be to understand the nuances of their own particular energy field.

344002-51238-50All though history, teachers of auric readings have ascribed certain attributes to the seven major colors (which are also related to the seven chakras and match the colors of a rainbow).  However, I recommend to students that they take that with just a little bit of salt.  To me, it’s vitally important that a student learn to distinguish that from which they’re supposed to see from that which they actually do see (or perceive).  Just as not all radio receivers bring in the same information (AM vs FM vs shortwave), not all humans receive the same psychic energy in the same manner.  Again, learn your own way!

Reams of literature exists describing the auric color system (and I’ll discuss that more in the future).  In your travels I’m sure you’ll come across these books and websites — only to discover discrepancies. DO NOT be discouraged by this.  Again, you are going to learn more about auras from your own experience and by following your own intuitive, inner guides and guidance systems.

In future pieces, well delve into some of the deeper aspects of reading auras, including using the information you can receive to:

  • Determine information about a person’s physical condition
  • Encourage healing
  • Instigate spiritual growth
  • Indicate areas of weakness or wellness



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