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Russell Brand The Trews (E247): Is There A God? YES! Stephen Fry Proves It

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 1.25.19 PMIn this video Russell Brand talks about the existence of God. We have all wondered if God exists, because we can’t physically see God….but maybe we do see God and don’t realize it. We always put human rules and characteristics on God, but is that fair? God is everything. Why do we believe that life on earth is supposed to be like heaven and if it isn’t we turn our backs to God? Life is a balance of Good and Evil, happiness and sadness…Maybe earth was created for experience, whether it be Good or bad experience.

Maybe the peace that we look for will never happen here on earth and will only exist in the spiritual world when we die. Some say we choose to come to earth to experience different things so we can grow. What if our learned beliefs on what God is, is wrong? Now I believe in God and I believe in the idea that we are here to learn and experience all that exists. All of the good and bad things in order for us to grow spiritually. What are your thoughts on this?


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