Heaven is inside you rightnow, don’t wait for death to go there. 

Borowitz-Many-in-Nation-Tired-of-Explaining-Things-to-Idiots-1200Many of us look at heaven as a place we go to after death instead of a vibration we align with. If your soul is happy, you will always vibrate on that level. Don’t think that death will fix your problems. We are here to work on ourselves. Learning how to remain peaceful in a world full of emotionally imbalanced people is our lesson. Even in chaos, you have to remain at peace inside. Don’t allow negativity to corrupt your spirit. Think of it like this, without all of the things we add to ourselves on earth like job titles, how we look, personality, and material things…who are you? What does your soul look like naked? Resonate with peace, love without question and have compassion for others before you give judgement. There are no teachers here, we are responsible for our own growth as spiritual beings.

Heaven starts with you!!!


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