tumblr_me86l4jhha1rbvjfno1_500Are you looking for more information about God, Aliens, Life, and everything else? This is the Site where you can get some insight as to what went on in ancient times and what will happen in the future. I know that most of these videos and articles are just theories, but seeing things from every point of view cant hurt anyone. It may even open your eyes to a better understanding. is about life. We are all searching for answers. What is God? Where is God? Is God male or female….or both? Did Aliens create us? Who knows? This website explores all possibilities. There is only one truth and that is….God’s LOVE!!!  This blog is for posting the unanswerable, showing random moments in our time where our idea of history and reality dont match up.

This is not a site for revolution or chaos. This is only for informational purposes only. This is not an anti-religious or anti-government site. This is here for peace and growth only.



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