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EPISODE 1: Sunsa RA – “Angel Numbers”

EPISODE 2: Alex Teplish “The Epic of the Annunaki”

EPISODE 3: James Power – “Channelling”

EPISODE 4: Next “Anyextee” – “Executive decisions”

EPISODE 5:Will LAssalle Jr. “Next Great CIO”

EPISODE 6:Group discussion – “Relationships and spirituality”

EPISODE 7:Chuuwee – “Cool World” EP – Drops 4/29

EPISODE 8:Que – Clothing designer/artist of PEACE DENIM CO.

EPISODE 9:Sheena She – creator of ChainsawsandJelly.com

EPISODE 10:Dr. Gary Douglas – creator of “eForce Plus” energy jewelry

EPISODE 11:Twee-ze – The Metaphysical Rapper

EPISODE 12:Paul Santisi – Creating music with positive intention and Meditation

EPISODE 13:LAVITICUS LOVE – Teaches us How to Meditate

EPISODE 14:Ravenous Emcee

EPISODE 15:Candice K.

EPISODE 16:Sempiternity (Sydney Burton)

EPISODE 17: Daizy “October” Latifah

EPISODE 18: Victoria Vives

EPISODE 19: Tew-sly

EPISODE 20: Johnna Partain

EPISODE 21: Mike Nnebe

EPISODE 22: Victor Castillo

EPISODE 23: “Top 13 interviews of 2014”

Episode 24 – Paul Santisi Music Mastermind

Episode 25 – DJ Priority (producer/DJ)

Episode 26 – Mary Josephine (Soul Singer/Entrepreneur)


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