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A friend from work knows that I like paranormal and spiritual stuff so he sent me this photo his daughter took. Do you see the orbs underneath the light? Very cool. I’m not confirming what it is, who knows? 👀👁🙈#paranormal #paranormalactivity #gateway2thegods #ronalpha #ghosts #spirits #angels #aparitions #signs #1111 #11:11 #angelnumbers #demons #whoknowswhatthisis #somethingcreepy #creepyshit… Continue reading ANGEL OR SUNLIGHT?

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I put together a video of affirmations I use for myself everyday. It helps me stay calm and it keeps me focused on the goals I want to accomplish. Affirmations keep us in line with our goals, they help us create the world we desire. Words are so powerful, we could change how someone feels… Continue reading MORNING AFFIRMATIONS

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GATEWAY RADIO Interview with Melissa McDonald – Episode 35

BIO: Melissa is the founder and creator of the Healthy DivaGirl Lifestyle™. She's also a public and motivational speaker, published author and certified transformational health, spiritual lifestyle and business coach for women but who want to live a first class life without limits. She helps transform women’s lives through one on one coaching, online digital courses… Continue reading GATEWAY RADIO Interview with Melissa McDonald – Episode 35

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What would happen if you didn’t sleep?

Here are the top 3 things to do, in order to have better sleep and work more productively: 1.) Start napping every day 2.) Develop a sleep ritual 3.) Making sure you are tired in every dimension   Quick fact: Women need more sleep than men “The average is 20 minutes more, but some women… Continue reading What would happen if you didn’t sleep?

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Shadow beings, aliens, angels…they exist

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YouTube documentary on aliens, channelling higher dimensional beings and Angels

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Knowing (The movie) End scenes

In the movie “Knowing” the world will be destroyed by solar flares from the Sun. This is just a theory and someone’s thoughts on what might happen in the future,"don’t go crazy". Also, it’s a movie….they have to make it exciting. In the end scenes of this film it shows angels come down and take selected… Continue reading Knowing (The movie) End scenes